What is the difference between Traditional marketing and Digital marketing

In the current, growing world, marketing has been a crucial component for the success of any business. It plays an important role in reaching customers and boosting sales. In the past, traditional marketing was employed by businesses to reach their target audience. Some of the traditional marketing methods are billboards,printed ads, radio ads, TV ads, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. As the technology gave path to various options to market the business , digital marketing has gained more attention through its advanced technology and innovative strategies. It uses various social media networks, search engines, websites , emails etc to reach target audience and gain brand visibility. Although these two types of marketing are used for the same purposes yet they differ in several aspects. In this blog let’s look into some differentiation factors between traditional and digital marketing.

Target audience

Traditional marketing focuses on a large audience, whereas digital marketing helps businesses target a specific audience based on their location,interests, age, etc. by targeting specific audiences in digital marketing business can reach the right audience and can get better ROI.


Traditional marketing is so expensive when compared to digital marketing. Traditional advertising involves TV ads and billboards which are of high cost. But contrary to this digital marketing helps all scales of business to engage and reach their target audience in a cost effective way by just utilizing social platforms and other digital ways.


Measuring the analytics in traditional marketing is so difficult. It consumes time and effort to know how many people have seen your ads and sometimes it seems hard to know even that. But in digital marketing it is so easy to measure the analytics and also the count of conversion aiding the business to customize their strategies according to these analytical reports.

Engagement or interaction

We see one way communication in traditional marketing where the businesses send a text to customers without any interactions and feedback. Whereas digital marketing gives various options to interact with the audience and also keep them engaging at all times with frequent feedback and opinions.


Traditional marketing has low reach where the TV ads and billboards are only seen by the audience in certain specific locations. But through digital marketing ads businesses can reach a global audience and increase their brand awareness across the world.


Digital marketing enables businesses to customize their marketing content based on the interest,location etc of the target audience. This can help to keep the audience engaging and retain them back which may lead to increased  conversion rate and boost sales and brand loyalty.

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